How to Take Care of Your Riverside Garden

Adding a small garden lawn beside your home safe by the riverside is a great idea because it adds to the scenery. Besides, it’s also healthy for you to have more plants anyway. The important thing to do is to care for your garden lawn so it will remain nice and fresh. Here are a few care tips that you can do:

Mow Your Lawn

Just like any other lawn, you have to mow it so it’ll remain cut and trim. As garden lawns near the river tend to be pretty big (they may even reach up to the river itself), you may need a big mower or even better, a ride on mower. A ride on mower will make it easier for you to properly trim the grass without you having to strain your back too much.

Water Your Lawn

To keep the grass lush and vibrant, you’ll need to water the plants regularly. I would suggest that you install a sprinkler so that you won’t have such a hard time with the watering. If the river water is clean, you can hook the sprinkler to the river so you won’t have to use up too much water from your home.

Use Fertilizer on Your Lawn

You also need to feed your lawn with nutrients so that the soil can help the grass and plants grow. You can leave the clippings there after mowing the lawn to give it more nutrients or you can turn them into mulch which can be used as well. You may also buy commercial fertilizer in stores.

Taking care of a garden lawn near the riverside is pretty much like taking care of an ordinary lawn but a bit easier because you have a water source already. Everything else is pretty much the same.

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