Set Up Your Garden Fountain In These Steps

What better backyard accessory can you add to complete the feel of your riverside home? Well, a fountain of course! An indoor water fountain is perfect for a riverside home because it further adds to the relaxing feel of being already near a body of water. Plus, you’ll have a good source of water for your fountain. However, setting up a fountain isn’t very easy. You have to go through these steps to set it up:

Dig Up an Area for your Fountain

The first thing you need to do is turn off all kitchen faucets before digging up an area where you’ll install your fountain. Get your shovel and start digging. You can dig it to around a fourth of basin’s size.

Surround the Dug Up Area With Some Stone Dust

Put some stone dust all over the corners of the hole. You can also fill the hole with a bit of stone dust as this will help hold up the base.

Make a Concrete Base to Hold the Fountain

Create a concrete base in the hole. This will serve as the fountain’s foundation.

Place the Fountain’s Basin on Top of the Base

Put the basin of the fountain right on top of the base. Make sure the basin is secured properly so it won’t topple over.

Put a Water Pump inside the Basin

Get the pump and put it inside the basin of the fountain. Make sure to take out the chord as it will be connected to the energy source to be powered up.

Connect the Pump to the Energy Source

Note: We recommend solar energy from a solar panel.

The wire chord will be connected to the energy source. We suggest solar energy from a solar panel because this is more eco-friendly than electricity and is also good for your electricity bill.

Install the Fountain Top

After setting up the wiring system, you now have to install the fountain top. After installing the fountain top, pull the other end of the tube from the pump out of the top hole.

Put Water in the Basin

Fill up the basin with water. Since you live near the river, you may just get water from there and it will just circulate to and from the pump.

Turn on the Pump

Finally, turn on the pump and get the fountain started!

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