About Us

River Chamber Homes started with a vision and a love for art. Its founder, Alex, grew up in a simple home along the riverside. Always being fascinated by rivers and trees, he enjoyed sketching different kinds of scenery and structures inside those sceneries. At the age of 25, he entered the construction business and developed a passion for building houses.

With his childhood fascination of beautiful architecture along the scenery and his passion for building elegant homes, he decided to put up River Chamber Homes– a construction company specializing in creating small but beautiful homes by rivers or waterways.

He started out by building small bungalows and cabins for family members and friends. Word soon spread and River Chamber Homes because THE company to go to if you want an amazing and cozy home by the river. Today, they’re one of the most successful construction companies that target a very niche market. They have already made over hundreds of homes for hundreds of very satisfied customers.

From a humble profession to a budding business, River Chamber Homes embodies the principles of simplicity and elegance topped with high quality service. Whatever you want for your home, we can deliver it to you.