Our Work

With years of experience, River Chamber homes has created some of the most beautiful riverside homes. Here are some of our creations:

Bungalow Style River Home

We can create a bungalow style micro home right beside the river for you. Our bungalow style homes include one floor with a sturdy roof and a porch outside so you can enjoy the view of the riverside.

Modern Style Micro Home

If you want something a bit more modern, we can create sleek but cozy micro homes with a more stylish and artistic design using minimalist colors and structure.

River Cottage

River cottages have always been a favorite of most customers since they offer a quaint and country feel. Our cottages are small and designed to be cozy but made from the best materials for durability.

Modern Wooden Home

Combining the stylish design of modern homes and the quaintness of a wooden design, our hybrid style home is the perfect one for a cozy feel beside the river. It also comes with a small wooden dock for fishing and boating.