We pride ourselves with our fast and efficient process of building homes. Here’s how we build your houses:



First we start with consultation where you let our consultants know exactly what you want.

Floor Plan Creation


From your discussion, the consultant will create the initial floor plan of the house with the list of features and functions included inside. You may also choose from our existing floor plans just in case you see something you like.

Actual Home Building


Once you agree with the floor plan and the details of the house, the builders can start with the actual building. The duration may take 6 to 7 weeks depending on the features and the size.


Aside from the usual building process, we offer other services to our customers as well. These include:

Interior Design


For those who want an amazing and cozy interior, we also have designers who can decorate the inside of your home.

Land Renting


If you don’t have a piece of land near the river, we own some acres of land that you may build your home on.

Site Source


If you want your own parcel of land, we may also help you source sites that you can buy so you can make your home.

Other Structures


If you want to add other structures near your home (e.g. bridges near the river, fences etc.) we can do that for you.